How important is social media to building a career in PR?

I’ve been invited by Joseph Thornley to be a panelist at the Centennial College Unconference where I’ll have the pleasure of discussing how SM can help start and build careers in PR. There’s certainly a lot to cover as you’ll see on Pro PR where Joseph received lots of good responses about the importance of SM and how to embrace it. One repeated point: just do it; the more you do, the better you’ll do. Another point: there’s much more to SM than Facebook, YouTube and blogs. And then there’s this small point: make sure SM fits your communications strategy. All good info that should make for an interesting discussion on Nov 12.


4 thoughts on “How important is social media to building a career in PR?

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Trevor.

    You’ve been here a day, and you’re already going to an unconference? Nice work!

    We’ll add you to the Porter Novelli link blog on the new corporate site (when it launches – soon.)

  2. Lest we give young practitioners the idea that social media is a shortcut into the PR business , I think we should all take a breath and have people understand that social media is a new channel to explore and become proficient in. It doesn’t replace the ability to craft a carefully considered strategy based on business and communications objectives. If you don’t know how to do that, you don’t know how to apply social media tools to the situation.

    I remember my first agency boss thought having proficiency with WordPerfect was an asset. That doesn’t help me much today.

    Good luck with the blog, Trevor.

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