McCain exits gracefully

It was good to see Senator John McCain deliver some important key messages while conceding defeat to president-elect, Barak Obama. He pledged to help Obama in his job of rebuilding the US, he praised the next president as a good man and by doing so made an important step, perhaps the first step, towards helping his country focus more on solving its problems. Let’s see what good it does for our friends to the south.


3 thoughts on “McCain exits gracefully

  1. I was very impressed with the class and respect that McCain showed towards Obama. He was gracious and polite and a real gentleman.

    As an American living in Canada, I too will be closely watching to see what happens next.

  2. McCain may have made a humble/classy good bye speech, but his party is hardly exiting with grace and style. They are pissing all over Sarah Palin (his pick) and have made complete iditots out of themselves. I find no grace in the GOP whatsoever. What a bunch of cry baby losers.

  3. Julie, I have to agree that the finger-pointing and harsh criticism of Palin doesn’t look good, unless you like train wrecks of course. But they’re lack of grace is consistent with much of their politics during the past 8+ years. Certainly the Grand Old Party hasn’t been the most elegant communicator for a decade or so. From the Bush saber rattling shortly after he was first elected to the Swift-Boating of Kerry, to Palin’s stumbles, I’m not surprised that they’d eat their own.

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