PR and marketing as powerful as trusted peers

DSCN1255I just read a great post by Shel Holtz that lists the powerful roles that PR and marketing continue to play.  As he puts it, “I’m calling bullshit on the notion that trusted peers are more powerful than marketing and PR. It’s not an either/or situation; it’s not a competition. PR and marketing, done well, inform and influence the conversations trusted peers have with their friends, colleagues and families.”

In addition to his 10 ways communicators can be as powerful as trusted peers, I’d add that it’s the job of communications to integrate all aspects of the communications mix so that marcomms/social media, etc. are working in unison. If  “the communications function in any organization is the only function that is 100% dedicated to protecting and enhancing the company’s reputation,” then whoever leads this function needs to work effectively across the mix.

Additionally, the C-suite needs to see the value of this integration and reputation guardianship, and they need to buy into it of course.  And buy into it they must if communicators successfully do the 10 activities listed by Holtz.


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