Friends of Science

The Friends of Science may be focused on the “shift in recent years away from the important emphasis of previous decades on continual reductions in air and water pollution.” But it’s not clear to me why any group concerned about the environment would choose to challenge the climate change movement which is also concerned about the environment.

How about collaborating instead of using these political-styled campaign attack ads which can be heard here and here. When I first heard the radio ad I was suspicious about who would make these claims. Perhaps FoS and their advertiser want this response.

This group needs to make better use of social media if they want to challenge the popular climate change movement and bring focus to the things people should really know about climate change.

Build consensus through discussion and the sharing of less self-serving information. Finger-pointing through radio ads will only work with existing climate change skeptics. Which seems like a waste of money for the FoS and its backers.


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