The new letters to the editor

As I read the letters to the editor in the Globe and Mail this morning I’m reminded of how social media has super-sized our ability to respond to what we see and hear in the media.  The letters are poignant and insightful and offer a variety of opinions regarding Richard Colvin, the diplomat who exposed the alleged Canadian torture of Afghanis and regarding Peter MacKay, Canada’s Federal Minister of Defense.

Before SM, only a handful of the public’s voice would be heard in response to the news of the day. Now, so many other smart points of view can be shared and further discussed. SM also offers the opportunity for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s Federal Government, Richard Colvin and anyone interested to check the content of what people are saying about this issue in Canada and around the world.

In this way we can all decide for ourselves which direction public opinion is flowing and if Colvin is righteous and/or if MacKay is right to attack the credibility of this whistleblower.


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