Globe and Mail Front Page

Looking at the front of today’s Globe and Mail, the day after Canadian female Olympians dominated in bobsleigh and speed skating, I was surprised that Canada’s national newspaper overwhelmingly focused on the big win by the men’s hockey team. Granted, there were above-the-fold pictures of the medal-winning women. However, the big story for the Globe and Mail was Team Canada’s hockey win over Team Russia.

Judging by some of the tweets I’ve seen, the Globe should have focused more on the women. Note that the cover of the Vancouver 2010 section of the paper did focus on our female champs.

These critical tweets got me thinking about what sells papers and marquee Olympic events.

It was great to watch our powerful bobsledders win gold and silver medals; and Clara Hughes may be the nicest, most talented Canadian alive.

However, results of the highly anticipated matchup between the two main hockey powers was the event of the Olympics to date and probably the most-watched Canadian sporting event ever. Sure there’s an argument that a lot of medals trump one quarter-final win. But there are two reasons why men’s Olympic hockey is a priority for the Globe: it sells papers; and many of us with any interest in the Olympics are most interested in the men’s hockey team.

What’s great is that the Canadian Olympic team had its best day yet, sparking a conversation about which of our great athletes should get top recognition.

Go Canada Go!


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