Going Viral – Earned Media

Content is everything when it comes to online video. People will share it if they like it. But how do you get eyeballs on branded content that doesn’t include celebrities, nudity, bad news or all of the above?

Here’s how TBWA\TORONTO used earned media, with some paid media support, to turn the SE-R Project into a viral success for our Nissan Sentra client.

Entertainment: we made the video fun to watch.

Cool content: we created the first totally remote control (RC) commercial with exact replicas of the SE-R in 1/10th scale. But we also shot the entire commercial using RC camera cars and RC helicopters.

The element of surprise: there’s an ‘aha’ moment when you realize that you’re watching a RC car

Behind the scenes access: a ‘making of‘ documentary was also made to profile the complexity that went into creating the experience.

Easy-to-find: a branded YouTube channel houses the videos, with direct links to the SE-R page on Nissan.ca. The videos were also seeded with influential bloggers who liked the cool aspects of the spot.

Subtle branding: the Sentra brand is evident but not in your face.

Paid online: one week after the initial seeding, ads appear on sites where guys like to play, 10-second tv teasers also appear, all linked to the branded YouTube channel.

Journalist/blogger outreach: share the word with marketing and creative communities.

Did it all work? Well, as of this posting the goal has been surpassed long before the campaign’s completion.



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