All eyes on Ignatieff

Congratulations to Michael Ignatieff the new Federal Liberal leader. Now that he’s the centre of attention he really has his work cut out for him, and his team. This is a big transition that will demand supreme attention to details and clear communication. Unlike the quote that appeared in today’s Globe and Mail, “A spokesperson for Mr. Ignatieff said the leader neither accepted nor declined the offer..” to speak with PM Harper. There’s a ton of pressure on the new Lib leadership team and I wish them luck as they work to get their message out and win over voters.

Note what readers think of Ignatieff on Ingram 2.0. Canadian politics is now a whole lot more interesting.

McCain exits gracefully

It was good to see Senator John McCain deliver some important key messages while conceding defeat to president-elect, Barak Obama. He pledged to help Obama in his job of rebuilding the US, he praised the next president as a good man and by doing so made an important step, perhaps the first step, towards helping his country focus more on solving its problems. Let’s see what good it does for our friends to the south.