HD Arrives at The Weather Network

We just soft-launched our brand new set and HD signal earlier this week. It’s currently available to MTS subscribers in Manitoba and will roll out later this month, and year, in other Canadian markets. We’ll promote the rollout later this month.

Until then, check out the following videos made by our talented and creative programmer and production teams.

Video Ode to Toronto

TEDxToronto recently hosted another seminal, thought provoking event. The daylong chatter-fest featured smart presenters sharing their points of view on a wide variety of topics. If you’re not familiar with TED, do yourself a favour and watch any of the videos that look interesting. You’ll see why the ideas presented are really “worth spreading.”

What stood out for me with the recent TEDxToronto was the opening video about Toronto, which was produced by The Biz Media. In it, the featured speakers shared what this city means to them and why they love it. Their credibility is impeccable because they’re not self-interested hucksters. Instead, they’re a varied group of thoughtful Torontonians who seem to truly love where they live. And the words are supported by great images of neighbourhoods, people, restaurants and storefronts.

Of course the video also shows the attractions including the Art Gallery of Ontario and City Hall, but it’s the words delivered by these thought leaders that pull me in. As Amanda Sussman, senior advisor, Plan International, Canada, says, “One of the best ways to make a difference is to build a coalition of unlikely allies.”

Literate, engaging, beautifully shot and edited – our local politicians, tourism orgs and biz development groups would be smart to use this video, or a similar version, to showcase the city. It’s storytelling at its best and a reminder of all that’s good about Toronto.

Brand Story

Here’s another great example of how brands can tell wonderful stories. Petro-Canada, as part of its 2010 Olympic program, commissioned “British Columbia-based artist Klatle-Bhi to carve a 22-foot totem pole, called the 2010 Legacy Pole, to commemorate the company’s sponsorship of the Games, and to promote the cultural and economic opportunities made possible through hosting the 2010 Winter Games.”

The video focuses on the artist’s work and his vision and the link to the Petro-Canada brand is subtle which makes the video that much more watchable and also makes the brand experience exceptionally positive.