Smart Marketing?

I just heard that KFC is offering a $20,000 college scholarship for the best high school tweet. My initial reaction is that KFC will get a lot of marketing mileage. As a dad, if my girls were high school seniors, and if we lived in the US, I’d tell them to start tweeting; $20K is $20K! Even if we don’t, and never will, eat KFC.

So is this smart marketing? I expect that a lot of students, and people who know students, will start pushing the #KFCscholar hasthtag on Twitter. Which will mean positive brand engagement with this key KFC demo. It also seems like a simple way to create buzz: give a scholarship to students. It’s like kissing babies and patting dogs; it’s hard to look bad doing it.

So yep, this is smart marketing. Not sure if it will sell more chicken. But perhaps it’s better if it doesn’t.


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